Participants tour reclaimed battlefield sites in Franklin


On May 14th TCWPA conducted its first Battlefield Preservation Tour in Franklin.   Unlike the popular Three-Star tours, the preservation tour focused on the challenges and successes of acquiring historic property in a developed urban landscape.  Participants on this tour visited four recently purchased and reclaimed critical sites on the Franklin Battlefield.   After opening remarks by Eric Jacobson, CEO of the Battle of Franklin Trust, tour leader Julian Bibb, with assistance from Brian Walker of the Franklin City Parks, discussed the challenges of acquisition and reclamation of key battlefield property. TCWPA Vice President Sam Huffman and historian Jim Ogden provided supporting comments about the battle events that occurred at each site.    President Joe Smyth thanked the entire tour team including the Save the Franklin Battlefield volunteers who assisted with the tour and two generous TCWPA members who funded the City of Franklin’s trolley used for the tour.


Eric Jacobson reviews the events that took place on the eastern flank of the Franklin Battlefield on the date of November 30, 1864 and how the landscape has been preserved and interpreted.


Sam Huffman points out details on a map at the Collins Farm where over 3 acres of prime property were preserved in 2001.


Jim Ogden explains the movement of troops over a parcel of ground known as “Loring’s Advance”, a critical five acre tract acquired in 2011.


Julian Bibb stands on the site of fierce fighting known as ”The Cotton Gin” and shares how individual parcels of real estate were acquired to preserve this key portion of the Franklin Battlefield.


Brian Walker shares the Franklin Parks Department’s vision for battlefield preservation and how properties will be managed for visitor use and enjoyment.