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Tennessee Civil War

Battlefield Preservation License Plate

Help Preserve Tennessee’s Civil War Battlefields!



The Tennessee Civil War Battlefield Preservation license plate is available at County Clerks’ offices across the state.   As of January, 2017 there were more than 1100 plates on the road.

The Battlefield preservation plate also includes the official Tennessee Sesquicentennial logo.  The Tennessee Civil War Preservation Association (TCWPA) receives proceeds from the sale of the plate to interpret and preserve Tennessee’s most important and endangered battlefields.

 “Purchasing this plate is a wonderful opportunity to help preserve Tennessee’s endangered Civil War battlefields for our children and future generations.” said TCWPA President Joe Smyth, “Tennesseans can also commemorate and promote their rich Civil War history.”

Proceeds to Preservation

During 2015, TCWPA made battlefield preservation grants using the proceeds from license plate sales for the purchase of the Brown’s Ferry site near Chattanooga and battlefield land at Franklin.  During 2016, grants were made to the Big Black Creek Historical Association and the Charleston-Calhoun-Hiwassee Historical Society. 

Want to purchase the plate?   Contact your county clerk’s office.  The annual fee is $36.00 plus your regular registration fees.  For personalized plates, the annual fee is $71.00 plus your regular registration fees.

You can purchase anytime during your registration year.  You’ll get credit for any unused portion of your current registration.    Tip – if your current tag is not expired, you’ll have to turn it in so be prepared to  remove your tag at the Clerk’s office.

Time to renew?   When you renew your plate you will pay the $36.00 specialty plate fee plus your county’s regular registration fees.  For a personalized plate, the renewal fee is $71.00 plus your county’s regular registration fees.

Consider a Specialty Plate Gift!  Purchase a $35.00 gift voucher for a license plate at your county clerk’s office or visit to purchase online.   If the gift recipient selects the Civil War Battlefield plate, proceeds will go to TCWPA to further our education and preservation goals.

Handicap Decals are Available! The TCWPA plate is eligible for the State’s handicap decal.  Please contact your County Clerk’s office for an application.

Free Complimentary 1 -Year Membership in TCWPA

Not a member of the Tennessee Civil War Preservation Association? After you purchase a Civil War Battlefield specialty license plate, you are eligible to receive a complimentary 1-year membership. Please visit here and complete the form.


Please contact us if you have any questions about the program.  For specific instructions about how to get the plate, please contact your county clerk’s office.