Tennessee Preservation Plan

Grand Division Teams Advance the Preservation Plan

TCWPA is developing a statewide plan to identify opportunities to preserve and interpret Tennessee’s Civil War military story at more than 150 important battle sites in Tennessee.  These sites were identified in the 1993 National Civil War Sites Advisory Commission’s report on the nation’s battlefields.  The report included the 38 “most significant” battlefields in Tennessee and a list of other important battlefields which the Commission recommended for “further study.”

This year TCWPA formed teams from the state’s three Grand Divisions to assist in the research and interpretation of the key battlefields.  Volunteer team captains in each Division have been busy gathering descriptive information about the sites from online resources including the popular TN GIS program (tnmap.tn.gov/civilwar).  An example of the first page of an online assessment for Calfkiller Creek battle site in Middle Tennessee:

Battlefield Assessment Calfkiller Creek

They’ve also begun onsite reviews of each battlefield, many of which are lesser known, not well documented, and sometimes difficult to find.   Aaron Astor and Anthony Hodges lead East TN; Jim Lewis and Greg Wade, Middle TN; and Daniel Taylor and Jim Weaver, West TN.

Additionally, team captains are recruiting volunteers to help visit the sites in their division.  The onsite visits will help verify the condition of the battlefield and identify any opportunities for preservation or interpretation.

If you are interested in helping in the project, please contact TCWPA at our mailing address or by email to info@tcwpa.org.